Thursday, May 03, 2012

Labor Law Posters Protecting the Rights of Labor Force

The empire of economical industries around the world stands on a four legged team. This four legged team being comprised of three parts of the labor and one part of the employing company. To make this team stronger it was realized in the 19th century that the rights of labor should be given security. With the labors feeling safe and their confidence being restored in the employing body, the team could easily rise up to any economic challenge. The labor laws or the employment laws were developed by the concerned state bodies keeping the same goal in mind. These laws are a body of rules & regulations, rights & restrictions for the working people. This process of regulations and provisions by the state also works three ways; between employee, employer and the company union.

In US, there are general labor laws, and different states have to make up their own laws too in accordance with their ongoing economical situations. Where some states happily follow the orders of the state to put up labor law posters, others are even reluctant to follow through with the laws themselves. The Florida labor law poster suggests rights like minimum wages for workers, and worker’s compensation, the experts term Florida’s employment system  as ‘at will’ system. The company can terminate any employee because of good or bad or even no cause at all. Similarly the workers can quit, demonstrate, strike all they want against the employer company. There are a few exceptions in this otherwise loose system. The discrimination against any of the protected origins which includes race, age, religion, gender or handicap is not accepted in any way. The issues of minimum wages also exist in the labor laws of Florida.

Meanwhile, comparatively the Colorado labor posters recently were propagating the decision by the state to set up minimum wage rates for workers. They are proving to be far more employee-friendly than the Florida state labor laws. The posters contain information regarding the payday, the unemployment compensation, and equal opportunity for workers among the rest of the notifications.
Other than the labor laws, safety and health laws are also being developed for the benefit of the workers. These are required to be propagated by the companies in the form of Safety posters. Safety posters are basically reminders for the workers to beware of the workplace health & safety hazards. They also promote precautionary tactics in case of casualties and emergencies at work place.

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