Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Understanding California Labor Laws for Employees Protection

In United States, each state has its own law and the employers of the organization have to abide by both federal and state laws so that all the activities are conducted in accordance with legal requirements. In present times, the state laws have mandated that the organizations post State labor law posters in their business amenities so that employees have all the detailed information about their rights. Although some organizations believe that they need to post only federal labor law posters but it is important for them to post the state labor law posters as well because there is some variation in the labor laws among various states. For example, the requirements of California labor law posters will differ from Florida labor law posters as the posters need to address mainly the safety regulations and workers’ compensation.

Although there are many other types of posters that are mandatory in the organizations functioning in California but safety posters and workers’ compensation posters have the highest priority in the organization. The state laws in general require all employers to post the labor laws, labor regulations, safety codes, National Labor Relations Act and many other notices that are relevant for the employees. In order to ensure that the employees can have a quick look at their rights, the employers develop one labor law poster that incorporates every right declaration of the employees as described in the state law.

Since the labor law posters give an idea about the laws enacted for the employees in the state, the organizations have to make sure that they give concrete and real information. some regulations that the California employers have to abide by are unemployment insurance benefits, emergency phone number, compensation, state disability insurance, minimum wage, harassment or discrimination in employment, payday notice, and other regulations which are quite closely related with the rights and the well fare of the employees.

The main purpose of the labor law posters is to inform the employees about their rights and also to give satisfaction to the employers that they are meeting all the necessary obligations as set by the mandatory statutes. Therefore, it is important for the employers that the notices are posted in a format that anyone can access and it should be posted in the place which is within the reach of every employee. However, employers must make sure that the laws that are not posted are communicated to the employees through right medium.

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