Monday, April 25, 2011

Basic Information About California Labor Law Posters

Protecting the labor force is among the prime responsibilities of any U.S. state since its progress is dependent upon the hard work churned out by its working class. Not only do they bring economic stability to the state, they also work towards uplifting its progression by giving continuous contributions through their labor. This is the reason why every U.S. state is obliged to return the favor to its working citizens by formulating certain rules. The aim of these rules is to ensure that the rights of employees of any company will be legally safeguarded.

In order to educate the employees about the privileges they ought to receive from the employers, state labor law posters have been introduced in all states. These labor law posters aim to create awareness among the employees and employers alike as well as saving the employers from getting into any legal mess. In this regard, the California labor law posters are a good example to illustrate what the state labor law posters can potentially do.

The labor posters in California are required under the law to embody safety posters, regulations pertaining to the workers as well employees’ right. To make it more convenient, the details of safety posters as well as the labor laws are combined in one single poster. The Californian legislation has also specified the categories of places where the labor legislation needs to be put up. The posters should have the following information as per the law:

- Notification for the day payments are to be made.
- Notification for leave in view of voting duties.
- Compensatory payment to employees in case of any damages incurred at or due to their workplace.
- Medical coverage for disability or pregnancy.
- Easy accessibility to medical facilities at workplace.
- Paying out pension the retirees and giving benefits to the laid off workers.
- Determining the minimum wages to be paid.
- Indiscriminate attitude and a no-tolerance policy towards any sort of harassing behavior.
- Safeguarding from whistle-blowing.

The Californian posters are required to be bilingual i.e. in English and Spanish if the company’s workforce also includes Spanish workers. The California labor law posters are unique among the labor law posters of other U.S. states due to their comprehensiveness. Particularly the mention of leave for voting duties, protecting against whistle-blowing and medical coverage in case of pregnancy and disability are few things which make them stand out.

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