Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Taking the Confusion Out of Labor Law Posters

There are a lot of compliance that needs to be followed in the work place. Employees need to be made aware of the regulations that affect them. Examples of these regulations are those from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Department of Labor, Department of Fair Employment and Housing, Whistleblower Protection Act, Employment Development Department, Internal Revenue Service, Department of Industrial Relations, and Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act. Both federal and state laws need to be displayed. Although you can create your own poster, there are many companies that compile the required laws and sell it in a poster format. They provide the service of locating the relevant and most updated laws and putting them all together into the poster. This format is made colorful and easy to read.

A labor law poster displays a massive amount of information. It is crucial that these information are presented properly in a manner that is pleasing to the eye and easy to read while still maintaining the required information. Typically, a labor law poster is segregated into different boxes. Each box provides information about a particular law. Headings are bold and in color to allow easy identification.

Labor law posters are required by law to be displayed in offices. Its objective is to provide an avenue of reference as to the rights of employees according to both federal and state regulations. They need to know whether they are being treated fairly at work or not. The posters also act to remind employers whether the company’s policies are in line with the federal and state laws. Another use of these posters is directed at would-be employees who come to the office for interviews. These posters serve to assure applicants about the adherence to equal employment opportunities that is practiced by the company.

One of the labor law posters that is required to be displayed is the federal labor law poster. This displays relevant labor laws at the federal level. The type of information that goes into this poster include the federal minimum wage, equal employment opportunity, job safety and health protection, payday notice, withholding of pay information, polygraph protection rights, uniformed services and reemployment rights, family and medical leave information, and anti-discrimination rights.

By law, labor law posters must be displayed prominently in offices. They must be located at a place where employees go frequently. While it is possible to create your own poster, it is recommended that ready-made posters are purchased so as to save time and have a peace of mind that all required regulations are available.

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