Wednesday, April 27, 2011

State Labor Law Posters Are Mandatory

State labor law posters are something every company should provide to its employees. These posters should be displayed somewhere visible and should be kept updated with the current state labor laws. Besides state posters, federal labor law posters are also mandatory. Why are all these posters important and why employers should never omit them?

These posters are important because they are notifying the workers about their rights and laws which protect them from abuse. They provide basic information with contact information where employees can get additional clarifications if necessary. These posters usually state minimum wage laws, payday notices, safety and health protection and many more. Some are mandatory for all, like safety posters. Other posters like operating rules for industrial trucks are only mandatory for businesses operating with machines such as forklifts and other types of industrial machines.
State labor law posters and safety posters should never be omitted for two reasons. First of all, it is fair toward the workers. By allowing them to know their rights, the employer shows them respect and acknowledges them as human beings. If this is not enough, there are fines and penalties which will make sure every company displays the posters, both state and federal, and keeps them updated frequently. Federal laws state that a fine of $17,000 can be decided if the employer fails to display these posters. State laws can be different, but they also have heavy fines for companies which do not allow their workers to be familiar with current labor laws.

For example, California is a state which has completely the same rules like any other state. It also has a rule about minimum wage, about discrimination, safety at work and many more. But their laws and regulations can be different from other states, so there is California labor law posters made for California-based employers specifically. The general idea is the same, only the numbers in them are different.

Keeping up with mandatory updates is also a must. The California labor law posters were last updated with an employee notice in October, 2010. Before leaving out that update as something that can be done later on, remember that there is a fine of up to $7,000 in civil penalties. State labor law posters are certainly something which should never be omitted. Very few companies can afford this behavior and it should never be practiced, both for ethical and legal reasons.


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