Wednesday, April 06, 2011

An overview of the Labor law poster

Labor Law posters are evident in break rooms and bathrooms. The dimensions that are used in making the posters are about 3ft by 2ft. These posters are at times ignored by many however it is very vital for all workers to read them.

Found below are some vital tips that appertain to the requirements of the Labor Law Posters. The Occupation Safety and Health Administration have made it a requirement for all employers to display the Labor Law poster and the Safety Poster in places that are common to all employees. This is in accordance to the Federal law and the State law. All States are mandated to come up with federal employee regulations.

Situations where one is exempted from posting employee regulations include;

1. Lack of employees
2. One has engaged the services of casuals or volunteers
3. The business is owned by the family.

The requirements of the federal postings are nine in total and some of them are
1. Employment opportunities should be provided equally according to the law
2. The adherence of the minimum wage that was passed in the year 2009
3. The Employment and reemployment Act
4. the protection of the Employee Polygraph Act
5. The notice that deals with anti discrimination

The requirements of the State vary from one State to the next. In the situation that the organization has got in excess of ten percent of Spanish speakers and is situated in AZ, NM, GA, CA, NC, TX, FL, NY, it is vital for the postings to be done in both English and Spanish. This rule does not apply for other languages.

The Employee polygraph protection Act (EPPA) that was created in 1988 bars the employers from engaging the services of lie detector tests for pre employment and employment purposes. All employers are required to display the EPPA poster at the work stations for their employees.

An employer is barred from discriminating on an employee based on his or her age during the hiring process. The law provides for equal employment opportunities based on ability and not age.

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