Monday, April 11, 2011

The Importance of the safety posters

The Safety posters that are placed in work stations are very vital in the role of ensuring safety at these places. The safety posters contain warnings and pre cautions that are informative to the workers on the potentially dangerous vicinities. Firms that deal with production of chemicals are abundant and thus it is crucial to fit the Safety Posters in areas that are visible to all workers.

Safety rules and regulations have amalgamated with legal requirements and thus it is a violation of the laws of the land to not provide Safety Posters at the work stations. The posters warn the workers on the particular risks and dangers that may arise at a particular location.

The Government through the Labor Department has created safety posters that can be used for this purpose of educating the workers. The government has also come up with pre printed posters that can be engaged as they are.

Penalties for failure to place the Safety Posters can be made by the government and include fines. These fines may also be given in situations where a worker gets injured at his or her place of work and it is discovered that the firm had not displayed a Safety Poster to that effect.

It is a general misconception by most employers that the safety posters are placed to educate only the employees. The posters are placed for both the employees and also the employers.

The application of the Safety Posters would be an assurance to the employer that they would not be penalized in an event where an employee suffers injury at the work stations. Situations where by an employee suffers injury at his or her place of work and a safety poster was not in place would be expensive to the employer in the sense that he or she would be fined. The Safety posters work hand in hand with the Labor Law Poster, State and Federal Labor Law poster.

It is worth noting that employers should post posters that are relevant, clear and applicable at their places of work.

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