Sunday, April 10, 2011

Safety posters help workers to know about their safety measures

Life is the most important element is our life. Things are important because we are alive so it our basic human right to ensure safety of our life. There have been objections upon Thomas Hobbes about his leviathan but we cannot ignore the fact that even he did not think to take the right of the safety of life from subjects. Life safety is an inalienable right of a man so we cannot take anyone’s life. Besides, life safety can never be put at stake so it is important in United States of America to aware workers about their safety.

Safety of the workers can be best ensured by the employers by enlightening them workers about life and health hazards. We know that most of the workers are from lower class and they do not get time and means to know about their safety issues. US government has made it mandatory for employers to past safety posters at conspicuous place in their working areas so that workers could better know the dangers to their life while performing their tasks. Besides, these posters are also helpful in informing workers the measures that they can take in case of any emergency. Such posters are also helpful for employers because such posters ensure employers from undue and uncalled for litigation from workers so posting of such posters are for mutual benefit of employee and employers.

Labor is very sacred for US government so and she does its best to protect the rights of workers. Many laws have been make to ensure the rights of workers and posting labor law posters at the work place is also a law among many others because it helps workers to know their rights at their work place. Such posters are very important because these make the country one of the best for the workers so she can maintain her economic progress in this era of international competition. Besides, labor law poster is the good idea to keep workers informed about their rights and such an example should also by followed by the other countries for protection of their workers.

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