Thursday, June 16, 2011

California Labor Law and Safety Poster

Each state in the United States have their own set of labor laws that are not applicable in all or most of the states in the U.S., though they are also labor laws that are and should be mandated in all states therein. These labor laws are then posted in work areas in establishments, companies and offices that should be visible and readable, serving as notices and reminders for both parties of the employees and employers. These labor laws are then divided into two, the federal and the state labor law poster. The federal being the one similar or the same on all states, and the state labor law that is somehow have minor differences varying from state to state.

As an example, given the state of California, labor law posters in that state would be known as California labor law poster. On the set of postings and work notices they have on their posters, are quite somehow similar and different in a way from the other state labor law posters found in the other states. The posting on the minimum wage they have is higher compare to the other state, which is $8.00 per hour, as with the other state that is only around $7.50. Another thing you can find in a California labor law poster is the “no smoking” sign with exceptions on places designated as smoking areas, whereas in some other state this notice is not present and in some this is highly mandated with no exceptions. Another notice that they have, that is not commonly present in most of the state labor law posters, is the notice on “employees withholding allowance certificate”. Though there are still some labor laws mandated by the United States government that are not found in some state labor posters, these laws then are surely indicated in the Federal Labor law posters, which are also carried by all establishments and companies throughout the U.S.

If Labor law posters are more focused on the interests and welfare of employees and employers as well, state posters are then focused on the general public, giving them reminders and notices regarding safety on specific matters, and on specific areas.

These posters mandated by the government are very helpful for both ends of the parties. Avoiding unnecessary lawsuits, and at the same time providing knowledge on each other’s rights and avoiding conflicts.

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