Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Arizona State Labor Law and Safety Poster

Labor law posters are posters mandated by the United States government to be placed in conspicuous areas in establishment, companies, and offices. Such places where these posters should be placed are near drinking fountains, eating or snack areas, corridors, and the like. These posters served as reminders for both employees and employers as well on the labor laws passed on to them by their state and of by the whole country of the United States.

Labor law posters are then categorized or divided into two types, one is the Federal law poster and the other one is what we call the State Labor law poster. There are differences as well as similarities between these two labor law posters. Federal labor law poster is concern on the basic or fundamental labor law passed on to every state of the U.S. government, while the State Labor posters are more concern and focus on per state by-laws regarding their employees.

Some of the similarities that can be found in a labor law poster is the Minimum Wage posting where it states the minimum wage an employee can received per hour of work. Though all state labor posters have this on their posting, the values on it are different from state to state. Like in an Arizona Labor poster, the minimum wage is $7.35, whereas in New York they only give $7.25 per hour. Both of the said state has the same minimum wage postings but both of them have different values on it.

State labor law posters have also certain uniqueness from state to state. Like in the state of Arizona, they have a posting in their state labor poster about the Exposure in Bodily Fluids, a warning or reminder that cannot be found in other state labor law poster. By the way, these bodily fluids they are HIV and AIDS, Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immunodeficiency Virus respectively.

Safety posters on the other hand not only cater or focused on employees’ welfare and employers as well, but are rather more focused on the general public. These posters do not have a general format just like as the labor law posters have. They have different designs and messages for each safety poster, and each poster is posted on certain public areas where it could also be easily seen by the public. Safety posters are also mandated by the U.S. government.

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