Monday, June 27, 2011

New York State Labor Law and Safety Poster

The United States is an example of a country that takes good care of their employees. By doing so, they have labor laws governing establishments, companies and offices, regarding their employees. These labor laws are then printed out in poster form so that it can, and should be posted in areas where employees as well as employers can see and read them clearly as guidelines for the both of them.

Labor law posters are then divided into two types, the Federal Labor law poster and the State Labor law poster. Federal labor law posters are labor posters mandated by the United States government having the fundamental labor laws given to all the states. Whereas, state labor law posters are also mandated by the United States government, but, in a way differ from one state to another, for the main reason that for each state, there are some minor and major focus they have posted on their state labor law poster.
Now, in the case of state labor law posters, even though there are some different postings from different states, there are also a number of similarities. Like given the case as an example the state of New York. New York labor law poster, and as with any other state labor poster, the posting on discrimination is very common for all of them. While, one of the differences the New York state labor law poster differs from some of the state labor law posters is that they have notifications in two languages side by side, one is in American English, and the other one in Spanish. A reason behind this is that in that particular state, New York, there are a great number Latinos and Spaniards, and these people should also be aware regarding the labor laws not only for the whole country, but also in particular, like the ones in their state. There are also notices that are common in all state labor posters, but have different values for different states. A good example of this is the notice on minimum wage. A New Yorker has a minimum wage of $7.25, while in other state in can be more than or lesser than that.

As with the safety posters, these posters are then not only for establishments, companies, employers and employees, but are also for the safety of the general public. These posters are not only posted and intended in working areas, but mainly in public places.

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