Monday, June 27, 2011

Ohio State Labor Law and Safety Poster

Labor laws are common to many countries, particularly in the United States. The have strict laws that protect employees and workers. They are 2 types of labor laws that are mandated by the United States government to be posted in all working areas and establishments, they are the Federal Labor Law and the State Labor Law. These laws are then written on posters to be posted out on conspicuous areas for both the employers and employees to see, such as corridors, near drinking fountains, eating areas, and even to isolated working areas these posters are needed to be seen at all times.

From among these two types of posters, there is somewhat a minor difference between the two of them. Federal law posters are labor posters that have the basic labor laws mandated all throughout the whole United States, whereas State Labor law posters are posters specifically focused on each specific state in the U.S., there are some minor differences from state to state but there are also many similarities among all the state labor posters.

As an example of similarities on state labor law posters is the Minimum Wage posting. State labor law posters have the Minimum Wage posting that states the minimum wage for an employee only particular on that state. Like the one on an Ohio labor law poster, the minimum wage stated is $7.40, while in a different state labor law poster the minimum wage is different, but both of the posters have the minimum wage postings.

There are also minor changes in state to state when it comes to state labor law posters, like back in the example that was cited a while ago, using the state of Ohio. In the said state, it is emphasized on the upper part of their state labor law poster about the warning on smoking, this notice is not typical to other state labor law posters, and like the one they have in the state of Florida where the smoking notice is not included on their labor law poster. This and some other minor and major things are what makes a state labor law poster differs from one state to another.

On the other hand, Safety posters are posters not only opted for employees and employers, but it is also for the general public. There are a number of certain public areas that safety posters should be properly posted for the public’s safety.

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