Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Safety of Children and Young Adults through Labor Law Posters

Employees have been fighting over their rights for years. They have toiled and worked in order to gain some salary for food for their families. In order to protect their rights as individuals as well as workers, the government has issued the need for labor law posters which would be posted throughout the workplace. These posters would be as a symbol for equal opportunities and rights of individuals. It would serve as their protector against any discriminatory acts that might happen during their work and it is their sign for equal rights. Labor laws are applied regardless of gender, age, race, ethnicity and nationality. As long as a person is an employee, he would forever be protected by labor laws. This law is also for the wellbeing of employees inside or outside the work area.

Aside from labor laws, the government has allowed several states to organize and create their own laws which they would pass to workers. There are several laws which are added and shared inside the workplace through the use of safety posters. The posters would again serve as a reminder to the need for employee rights especially in terms of salary and health insurance. Children are also protected by labor laws through the use of Child Labor Laws which are given throughout the workplace. Employers are prohibited in hiring children who would not be of legal age and even with the consent of parents. Any company who would not follow this rule would violate the laws passed by the federal government. In order to protect the children, the government also issued the Child Labor Laws to every labor posters throughout the country. The Child laws are now found in the upper right area of each labor poster. The poster would be the guideline for school time schedules, age restrictions as well as the number of hours working.

Young adults who would be working inside a company would have an equal opportunity as the adults that would be working in the same company. Again, their rights are protected by the state and no one can jeopardize employee laws. Their safety and security is protected by the government and by doing so employers are inclined to provide safety equipment, safety posters and other precautionary products in order to ensure the wellbeing of each employee. This is actually a part which is also written in labor posters and state posters.

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