Monday, June 20, 2011

Federal Labor Law Posters

Labor law posters are posters in the United States that contains labor laws protecting the workers or employees rights, as well as in serving the interests of employers, by providing them guidelines, and thus minimizing or negating unnecessary consequences and circumstances. Labor Law posters are then divided into two categories, the Federal Labor Law poster and the State Labor Law poster. These posters, no matter what it may be, are mandated by the United States government to be displayed in conspicuous areas in the workplace or work areas on companies, establishments and offices. Examples of these places are like corridors, near drinking fountains, eating areas, and even remote working areas.

State labor law posters are intended to the use of each individual state in the United States. For the reason that not all state are totally the same when it comes to the labor law they passed on their employees. For instance, in some state the minimum wage is around $7.50 whereas in the other state it is around to $8.00, the minimum wage posting is there but the values on each is different.

When it comes to Federal labor law posters, it contains all the laws mandated by the United States government to all states and not only to specific states. Some of its law is the “Federal Minimum Wage”, stating the minimum wage that a state can give to an employee, which is $7.25, and this goes to all states, they can give a higher rate but not a lower one. Another example is the “Anti-discrimination Notice” that is similar to the “Equal Employment Opportunity”, stating the equal rights of every employee and that nobody should be discriminated by any means, whether it is the color of the skin, their religion, gender, political affinity, race or national origin. And one of the biggest sections covered by Federal Law poster is the section of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or otherwise known as OSHA. This section covers the occupational workplace hazards of every employee, that each employee may inform the OSHA about existing hazards in their work areas if there is one.

Safety posters on the other hand are posters that are also mandated by the United States government to be posted at all times to all particular places that best matched the corresponding safety poster. It does not only cater on workers and employees, but mainly it is focus on the welfare of the general public.

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