Saturday, October 08, 2011

All about the New York Labor Law Poster

The United States of America is one of the most advanced and well organized countries in the world. The laws that govern the different states have added to maintaining order for the population at large.

The world has come to know it as a place for opportunity. They come to America for the “American dream”. They go to the different colleges in hopes of bettering their lives. When the foreigners are studying they usually seek part time jobs to earn a little bit of money on the side. Despite your foreigner status the government has set up protocols that protect your rights so that you are not taken advantage of. These protocols are in form of laws and are different in each and every state.

You need to pay attention to your work place if you are working part time to earn money. There are usually federal labor law posters that are displayed to let you know of your rights. The posters are put on places that can be easily seen by everyone. If you spend time reading these posters you will definitely get knowledge about labor laws, safety codes, rules and regulations that will make the working place more bearable to everyone and most importantly your rights will not be abused without you knowing. These posters are made in a manner that is easy for them to be understood by everyone and some even have pictures.

Each state though has its own set of regulations for example Ohio labor law poster is quite different to the New York labor law poster. They usually differ because each state has its own set of culture and geographical conditions.

Some of the state law posters include;

• Overtime and minimum wage that is both in English and Spanish language
• AIDS Nondiscrimination poster, both in Spanish and English
• New York Wage Order
• Workers Compensation Benefits Rights poster
• Job Safety and Health poster for public employees

Employers who do business in the New York State must comply with the above mentioned labor law posters in order for them not to be penalized by the government. Apart from the state laws also all federal Laws must be followed to avoid punishment and promote a bearable working condition in the work place. The state is meant to safeguard and ensure the employees and employer. In order to avoid embarrassment, lawsuits and damaging penalties employers have to follow the labor laws for both state and federal to the letter.

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