Sunday, October 09, 2011

Labor Laws in Colorado Simplified

Like any other law, the Colorado labor laws provide protection to all the employees of a certain company. Also here it is required for the labor law posters to be posted in different locations.

Since Colorado understand the right of every body to work, the Colorado labor laws are very easy to understand and provide small amount of protection to the employees. Some of the laws however become debatable due to the fact that there are no proper measures to ensure that the laws are implemented. This has made most of the judges in Colorado to ask the employers to issue their reports concerning how they relate with the employees. These reports have helped to reveal how employee’s rights have been neglected and also child labor ignored.

Minimum Wage

The Colorado minimum wage act needs the employers in Colorado to pay their workers some specific range of income. Initially the minimum income in co0lorado was $7.28 an hour and $4.26 an hour for those employees who were given tips. But in January 1, 2010, the Colorado reduced its minimum wage range to $7.24 for hourly employees and $4.22 for employees who received tips.

Final Pay Laws

The Colorado labor poster needs an employer who has ended the services of an employee to provide a final pay check of the employee at the end of the financial year. Please note that this is different from state to state so you won’t find the same rules in the Florida labor law poster. In case the services of the employee were terminated after the financial report had been issued, the state requires that in the next financial year or after a period of six months, the employee last paycheck be provided for. In case the accounting department is not situated in the location of the employee, then the final employees check should be provided in the 24 hour period after his services were terminated. In case of an employee who has decided to end his services in the company or if he retires, then all his due payments should be made in the next payment schedule.

Breaks and Meal Periods

Employees who work for a period of more than five hours in a day are required to be provided with a 30 minutes break to go and eat. If this provision is not available then the employee should be allowed to eat in the middle of the job. In case an employee works without taking a lunch break or eating in the middle of the work then he should be compensated for the time that he worked.

Vacation and Sick Leave

The Colorado labor laws don’t offer a provision for any payments for sick leave, personal leave or even vocational leave. The employer can by himself decide to offer these kinds of leaves and payments but are not included in the Colorado labor laws.

Nursing Mothers

Colorado labor law states that all employers should provide time break for lunch and even for mothers who have babies to breast feed the babies.


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