Monday, October 24, 2011

US Department of Labor’s Poster Requirements

As deemed by the US Department of Labor there consists of two main criteria that any business or company would need to meet in order to meet the minimum guidelines. These two main criteria include safety posters and labor law poster. By having these two posters you are guaranteeing that you not only meet the standards set down by the US Department of Labor but that you are also avoiding the hefty fine that can come along with not having one of these posters. Below is more information on the two different types of posters and why having them would make your company a better place for you and your employees.

The safety poster is a crucial aspect to any business because it ensures that your employees know that safety protocols in case something was to happen. The posters are fairly easy to provide and the US Department of Labor provides an electronic version of these posters as well. The availability with these posters is huge and a business owner can get these posters in more than just English. The safety poster generally just informs the employees of the basic protocol when it comes to safety. It needs to be at a location where it can easily be seen by your employees so they know what safety protocols that they must follow.

The state labor law posters set down by the US Department of Labor cover more than just the basic information. The Labor law poster holds information about the minimum wage for that business, or even for the states minimum wage, as well as other information. Some of that other information includes the equal employment laws, the Fair Labors Standard Act, and even wage and hours. The information that can be found on this poster is numerous but the information that is located on them is essential to keep an employee informed about their rights.

These posters are essential when it comes to complying with the US Department of Labor minimum guidelines but it also keeps your employees informed at the same time. Without these posters there could be misunderstandings as well as accidents that happen at the work place. Both of which can be avoided by having these posters hanging where your employees can see them. If a business fails to hang these posters up they will receive a fine from the US Department of Labor every time the business fails to have them hanging where an employee can see them. In order to play it safe it is essential to hang these posters in a break room or other location where every employee has a chance to view them.

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