Friday, October 07, 2011

Inform Your Employees or be fined

The US Department of Labor takes their job seriously and they take all the different employees jobs seriously by enforcing different rules that a company must follow in order to meet protocol. The protocol that the US Department of Labor sets down is final but depends on the different type of company. If the US Department of Labor finds that their protocol has not been followed by a particular company they could receive a fine or other punishment for not following by their protocols. Some of their protocols include having the proper posters for the company, ensuring that everyone can find and read the poster, and to ensure that the poster is up-to-date and not expired in any way.

The first protocol that the US Department of Labor has set down as a mandatory rule includes having the proper mandatory posters in the workplace. The posters that are required of a workplace, company, can differ from one company to the next depending on what they offer and the type of company that they are. Some of the posters that are most commonly seen in the workplace include the safety poster and the Labor Law posters. The US Department of Labor also says that it is mandatory for the company to also have the proper poster per state. For example, the Arizona labor posters and the New York labor law posters are not the same because each one of those posters has different laws that pertain to the employees’ rights and laws that pertain to labor.

In order to follow the US Department of Labor mandatory rules a company would need to make sure that the posters that are mandatory for their company are kept in an open and commonly used area. This area can include the break room or where the schedules are kept at. Another mandatory rule that goes along with this is making sure that you have the posters in several different languages to ensure that every one of your employees is able to read, understand, and acknowledge the laws and regulations that are set for that workplace.

The US Department of Labor produces new posters every year so there is no excuse to have an outdated and not very useful poster on your premises. In accordance to the US Department of Labor it is recommended that you have the latest poster and the latest revision available in order to ensure that your workplace runs smoothly.

The US Department of Labor gives a fine to those companies who fail to obey their mandatory rules. Usually these fines are not the biggest but they are given every time they notice a failure in compliance. The US Department of Labor uses these posters to inform employees of their rights as well as the laws that pertain to them and the labor that they are performing.

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