Saturday, October 08, 2011

California Labor Law Posters-Their Relevance in California Business Environment

The labor law governing labor rules and regulations in the State of California gives employers the mandate and responsibility to post state and federal posting regulations in a place that is visible to workers in an organization, informing them about their rights regarding labor laws. It is important for both the federal labor law posters and the ones for the state be posted in designated areas. Labor Law in California brings together federal, state and OSHA requirements regarding posting.

The California Labor Law Poster should be enforced by all parties in the workplace that is, the employer and employee for the employee’s benefits. The main reason of publishing and displaying these posters in the workplace is to ensure that employees are aware of their rights regarding their job and especially their own safety while working for their employers. Furthermore, these posters also provide a mechanism to ensure that employees’ are not exploited by their employers in the course of performing their duties.

The various provisions regarding California labor Law poster are provided below:

Minimum wage

The employer will display the prevailing California’s minimum wage rate or pay in this section.

Payday Notice

The employer will indicate the regular paydays and the employer here is allowed to generate his/her own notice.

Safety Regulations

This section will hold important information regarding safety rules in the workplace.

Emergency contacts

All relevant emergency contacts will be listed in this section.


All important notices to employees and other relevant information will be listed here.

Voting time

This section will detail time off work to attend a voting session.

Insurance Compensation:

Any worker injured in the course of performing their duties in the workplace will receive insurance benefits where relevant and medical cover if applicable whether or not the employee was responsible for the accident.

Unemployment Insurance

As with the Arizona labor poster requirements, the employee here will receive contributions if he is eligible, after termination of his/her employment. The employer, in such a case will contribute to a Trust fund for the benefit of the said employee.

Discrimination Notice

The California law prohibits any form of discrimination when it comes to hiring or treatment of employees in the workplace. Employees therefore shall not be discriminated against on the basis of race, gender, age, and handicap.

Discharge Notice

If the employee feels that the working conditions have become intolerable and that he/she thus wishes to quit their job(s), he/she is required to report so to the employer

Other notices that will be required under the California Labor law posters include
• Whistleblowers protections
• Pregnancy disability lease
• Polygraph protection Act for the Employee
• And Employee rights as detailed by USERRA

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