Thursday, February 09, 2012

Federal and State Labor Law Posters

In a dynamic society like the one we are living in today, almost everything is experiencing some changes. This means that all aspects of life are or have been undergoing changes. These changes can be visible while others are difficult to notice. This aspect of change is also a common factor in the labor sector. It’s a common scenario for an employee to be transferred from one place to a different one. This is common, especially where one works for a multinational company, non-governmental organizations, state agencies and government agencies among others. In such cases, one may be transferred from one country to work in another or even from one state to another, for example from Ohio to New York.

When an employee working with a multi-state company is transferred from one state to another, he/she may think of the losses, especially in relation to the labor law protections and rights. The answer to such an employee is that he does not have to worry any more. Whatever may be included in the law posters of one state may not be exactly replicated on the law posters of another state, but one can be assured of protection at all the time irrespective of the states.

Ohio labor law posters among others have the following information. Minimum wage, this specifies the minimum wage that an employee is entitled while working anywhere within the state. Fair employment is another requirement, and it’s meant to ensure that employees are not subjected to unfair treatment and labor force by their employers. Employee’s rights protection law is also included as well as the unemployment compensation notice. Where minor employees are involved, minor labor laws are also incorporated in these posters.

On the other hand, New York labor law posters include the following: minimum wage, discrimination law and the rights to know the conditions of work and others. Discrimination law is meant to protect the employees from any form of discrimination at the workplace and also promote a discrimination-free working environment. And the workers have the rights to know the health effects and hazards of toxic substances at the workplace. Their rights and protections are also contained in the New York labor law posters among others.

Nevertheless, for any employee or employer who operates in the two states has the advantage in that although the state labor laws may tend to differ, but the federal and OSHA labor law posters and Safety poster are the same. Therefore, making references would be easy and cost effective.

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