Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to Ensure Effective Communication for Safety Posters

For any type and form of communication to be effective, it must communicate to all the parties concerned. Both the creator of the information and the one who is targeted should understand the intended message. Therefore, it’s paramount for the creators of Safety posters to ensure that it communicate the intended message to the target groups without problem. Below are some essential steps and measures a company, an organization and public place among others ought to do to ensure the intended goals of safety and health notices are realized.
There are different types of posters and all communicate different messages. Therefore, depending on one’s working environment, position and roles among others, it is one’s responsibility to think about what he/she includes on the safety notice. Certain precautions and safety measures are specific to certain organizations, workplaces and environments and therefore, those responsible for designing the safety notices should ensure that the right information relative to their environment is well covered. There are general topics such as health safety and fire protection and the specific ones dealing with a particular type of an environment, for example, a chemical processing plant.
The expressions of the safety posters should also be taken into great considerations. You should use brief and concise statements. This ensures that the target group will not have to read very lengthy and in most cases boring pages of printed media of which many are never interested to devote their time. By keeping a safety poster brief and concise, the intended message is conveyed directly, simply and to the point. It will also be captivating to the readers since one can see by themselves that the content is concise and they can go through it within a very short time.
A good safety poster should also integrate aesthetic tools and items that attract the attention of the target group. This is adopted by many labor posters, like the Colorado labor poster. This means using illustrative graphics, formatting, colors and font sizes among others, to entice the attention of readers who will end up getting the intended message. One should also practice the art of using universal signs and languages that are well understood by the targeted group. For instance, the danger symbol-a skull with two crosses- would be more effective to signify danger than usage of plain text. This is the same as using the universal no-smoking sign together with accompanying texts in contrast to using mere plain text.
Nevertheless, the safety posters just like the Colorado and Florida labor law poster should also be put in the most appropriate places for them to communicate effectively.

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