Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Some Essential Labor Law Posters to Inform the Labors about Their Rights

Posters are very useful to let the people know about different rules and information. According to federal law, every employer is required to show federal labor law posters, so that the employees could be informed about their rights. That’s why it is important for the people who have stared new business to make sure on that, and they have all the updated federal labor law posters.
US labor law is actually the combination of State labor law and Federal labor law. In order to maintain the good environment at work place, labors need to follow both of the rules. Federal labor law is the same for every US state. Some of the major topics of federal labor law posters are given bellow:
· Federal minimum wage
· Family medical leave act
· Equal employment opportunity for all
· Withholding notice
· Anti-discrimination notice
· Work day notice for workers
· Safety notice
There was no labor law before nineteenth century and labors had to work 12 to 13 hours per day during that time. In addition, their salary was not worth their hard word. To protect the rights and welfares of workers, different labor laws were introduced. State labor law can vary according to different states, as each state may have its own laws and regulations on employment. For instance, New York labor law poster is only applicable for New York State. The main points of New York labor law poster are given bellow:
· Information of minimum wage
· Discrimination
· Time off to vote
· Deductions from wages
· Pay periods
· Law of disability benefits
· Breastfeeding rights
· Tip appropriation
· Notice requirements for fringe benefits and hours
· Job safety and health for workers
Like New York labor law poster, Ohio labor law poster also holds the right of labors in Ohio. Generally speaking, most of the state labor law is roughly the same except some minor changes. But all the laborers of a state must obey the rules of their own state as well as the rules of the federal. Some of the examples of the topics of Ohio labor law poster are given bellow:
· Minimum wage 2012 of Ohio
· Minor labor law
· Law of fair employment
· Ohio unemployment insurance
· Injury on the job
· Notice of no smoking
· Rebut table insurance notice
· Compensation of workers
· Reduction of risk for public employee
· Discrimination notice
It could easily be found that the topics of Ohio labor law poster are quite similar with those of other states. Posters are available to purchase from different stores as well as online shops. All of these posters are required for the labors to know and apply their rights. It is also very essential for every employer to maintain the right posters in the right places, so that the whole system goes very smoothly.

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