Monday, February 20, 2012

Post It, It’s the Law

Labor laws are a major facet of American law. These laws have been under a constant set of development since the early twentieth century. However, the labor law, which regulates the employment of Americans can be divided between federal law, which is enacted by lawmakers in the District of Columbia, and state laws, which are passed by each independent state’s elected assembly on an annual basis. Because of this fact, people often find labor laws to be among the most confusing and difficult aspects of American law they come into contact with on a daily base.
However, there is one particular law, which is among the most basic tenants of American labor law and makes this type of legislation quite simple to understand for all. According to federal regulations enforced by the American Department of Labor, all commercial establishments both large and small throughout the United States and its territories must post federal and state labor law posters in several prominent public locations within and outside their commercial establishments. Post it, it is the law. While certain aspects of the American workforce such as mandatory breaks within the workday for meals and other necessary activities, as well as minimum wage legislation are insured by federal legislation, each state also has its own unique labor laws, which are specifically designed to meet each state’s individual needs and requirements.
For example, Michigan has passed a law referred to as the Youth Employment Standards Act. This specific law is only applicable in the state of Michigan, and regulates the employment of America's youths. This type of legislation allows schoolchildren to learn the importance of a hard work ethic, while not interfering with their very necessary and nationally mandated education. Based on this information about state labor laws, it is no small wonder that each state uses its very own state labor law poster. Michigan labor law posters are available in a variety of configurations, which include laminated and non-laminated. Some of the state labor law posters have also incorporated federal laws into the information conveyed by them. At the same time, US Department of Labor also issues labor law poster, which requires to be posted throughout highly trafficked areas in every commercial establishment throughout the United States. This allows everyone in the workforce to be aware of their rights, obligations, and responsibilities as workers and managers. We hope that this article has been helpful and hope that you will remember to post it! It is the law.

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