Thursday, February 09, 2012

Texas Labor Law Posters for the Restaurant Industry

A general Texas labor law poster contains many major and important laws. These include the payday notice, Texas child labor laws, Texas equal employment opportunity, Texas ombudsman program, Texas workers’ compensation and Texas employee rights and protections among others. However, depending on the specific industry of operation, there may be additional posting requirements. Let us focus on the typical restaurant industry and explore the various workplace posters required under the Texas labor law posters.
Posters that warn against burns are required in restaurants. Under the Safety poster, a restaurant owner may be required to provide posters that warn employees against possible burns. These may be suitably displayed in kitchen area and other fire prone areas within the workplace. These posters may also have measures and other safety precautions that should be employed in the event of anyone falling victim.
A poster showing dishwashing areas, especially basin is important. This is meant to ensure high levels of hygiene by not using such places for other types of washing e.g. hands or clothes. The poster will also keep off someone, a visitor or a new employee, who may try to use the same item and tools for a different use.
A drug free workplace poster is also expected in a restaurant. This ensures that harmful but legal drugs such as traditional tobacco cigarettes are never used within the workplace. These posters are normally sharp as compared to others and integrate graphics for effective communication to the target group. A universal No-smoking sign on the wall is a self-explanatory poster to all who see it.
These posters, which have similarities with the Arizona labor posters, also require the employer to have a First Aid poster at the workplace. In case of multiple working premises, several of them may be required. These are useful among the employees and even the employers are made aware of the procedures to take in case of accidents or any other incident that calls for first aid services.
Hand-washing posters are also vital. Washing hands, especially after visiting the washrooms or before any meal is quite important. Such posters are normally placed next to wash sinks and other appropriate places. They help stop the spread of germs and bacteria, especially when there is a disease outbreak.
Other additional postings in a typical restaurant working environment include slips and falls prevention posters, multi-safety notices and injuries report notices among others.

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