Thursday, February 09, 2012

Why Do You Need to Understand Different Posters?

Posters are great part of our daily life. Are you wondering why? Imagine yourself driving the car along the road very fast when there is a school in a few distances. If you are warned by a poster to drive slowly, a sudden accident can be saved. That is how posters hold great importance in our life by creating awareness among us.
In United States, some of the state labor law is shown using state labor law posters. This kind of posters creates awareness among the labors. For example, to let the labor know the day of payment payday notice is used. Equal employment opportunity & child labor laws are also widely used state law posters. State labor law can vary in different states. Sometimes people need to follow both federal law and state law. California labor law posters are also technically a part of state labor law posters. Although there are not much different in different state labor laws, but there are always some minor changes. Some of the California labor law posters are given bellow-
1. Payday Notice
2. Protection Act of Whistleblower
3. Safety and Health Protection
4. Notice to Employees for response
5. Harassment in the Workplace
6. Discrimination in the Workplace
7. Minimum Wage of the workers
8. Emergency information of different occasion
9. Notice for vacation
10. Unemployment Insurance Benefits
These mentioned California labor law posters may also applicable for other states. Another kind of posters that is very widely used in different sectors is Safety posters. This kind of posters generally for safety reason as if we are not safe while different activity, it can cause loss of lives and also money. That is why safety posters are very popular in working places. It let us know how we can minimize risks by avoiding some risky activity which may not even worth to it. Some of the popular safety posters are given bellow-
1. Don’t try this at home.
2. Keep your eyes on safety, use glasses.
3. Be sure being safe while working.
4. Slow down! Your family is waiting for you.
5. Keep your workplace clean.
6. Safety rules are your best tools.
7. Make safety a part of your work.
8. It’s better to lose one minute in life than to lose life in a minute.
9. No smoking.
It can be said that poster can create awareness among us. So, it is better to follow them for our own sake.

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