Wednesday, May 04, 2011

A Comparison of Labor Law Posters in Texas, Arizona and New York

The Federal Government has certain laws to safeguard and protect the rights of workers in the United States. As part of the enforcement procedures employed by the Government, there is certain Federal Labor Law Poster that has to be displayed by all employers at their work place. This has to be done in a way where the information contained in the poster is visible and clear for all to see. Additional measures have to be taken which include displaying the posters in more languages and thus ensuring that most workers are able to understand them. It is also against the law to refrain from putting up some of these necessary labor law posters and those responsible can be fined heavily for this misdemeanor.

In addition to the labor laws of the Federal Government, each State has their own particular labor laws some of which have to be exhibited prominently and openly for the workers to see. For each state, posters are available depicting both the State and Federal Laws in one place. These are available free of charge but can also be ordered online from specific registered retailers.

Though the basic Labor Laws throughout the United States remain the same, there are minor variations in specific laws and sometimes in the application of the laws for various states. Each state has its own laws regulating the minimum wage requirements of the state. The posters for Arizona, New York and Texas are similar with regard to the exhibit of Federal Labor Laws but differ when it comes to minor details of minimum wage and employee rights. The purpose of each of these states is to make sure that every employee and employer is aware of the laws that protect and safeguard their rights as workers and citizens of the United States.

By law the Arizona Labor Posters must display the minimum wage for the state, discrimination laws, and precautions about exposure to bodily fluids, work exposure, unemployment Insurance, safety and health guidelines and workers ‘ compensation issues. For the New York Labor Law Posters, certain rules like the minimum wage for the state are identical while additional laws like Discrimination Laws, Requirements for Fringe Benefits and Hours Deductions from Wages, Tip Appropriation, and Permitted Working Hours for Minors under 18 and Article 23-A Licensure and Employment of Persons Previously Convicted are additionally required on the posters. Similarly, the Texas Labor Law Posters must contain information about the minimum wage in the state with the added requirement of Workers' Compensation, Payday Law, Child Labor Law and Employee Rights for the state. These posters have to be put up in both English and Spanish.

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