Monday, May 23, 2011

Arkansas Labor Law Poster

Every state in the United States of America has their own labor laws. Aside from the Federal Labor Laws that are identical to every state, they also have each of their own State Labor Laws. These State Labor Laws are not totally identical to all states, some state labor law, like the non-smoking law can only be found in some state, while the minimum wage labor law are found in all state labor law. These labor laws are then printed out in posters, which are the Federal Labor Law Poster and the State Labor Poster. These posters are then placed on areas where they can be easily read by all employees of the company.

The state of Arkansas has different guidelines and notices printed out on their poster, as what have been explained before, all state labor law posters are not identical to one another. The biggest section of their poster lies on the upper left-most portion. It is all about the guidelines on their minimum wage. It covers every detail of employees’ compensation. It provides information on specific employees like executive and administrative employees, professionals, salesman, students, handicapped, and farm laborers. It also tackles the rate for specific workers and their overtime pay. This section also covers all about child labor law and the restrictions.

Just below the Minimum Wage Section is the Unemployment Compensation or Unemployment Insurance section. Some information on the said section is covered, plus it gives all the cities an employee can avail services for their unemployment insurance.
Beside the Minimum Wage section of the poster is the Workers’ Compensation section that gives guidelines and instructions to both employers and employees. It discusses all about the injuries and diseases or sicknesses if an employee acquires it during work time. It gives instructions on the part of the employer as well as on the part of the employee.

And the last section of the Arkansas Labor poster is all about the Public Employees’ Right to Know. It explains all about the duties of every public employer as well as the rights of every public employee. It also tackles information regarding complaints and investigations incase such unnecessary event occur.

Companies and office also need to provide for posting Safety Posters on their offices and work areas. These posters provide additional and much information on how to avoid and prevent injuries not only to employees but also to employers as well, or any individual staying or just passing by the work area.

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