Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Features of Florida Labor Law Poster

Labor Law poster is an important part of offices and businesses, and actually it is a must for every employer and companies to have labor law posters displayed on areas where they can be easily seen and read by employees in their company or office. There are two types of labor law posters an employer should provide, the first one is the Federal Labor Law poster which comprises of all the basic benefits and guidelines every employee should know, and the second one is the State Labor Law poster that is quite different from state to state.

In the state of Florida, their State Labor Law includes a number of state posting requirements, which are the 2011 Florida Minimum Wage, on Discrimination, Anti-Fraud Notice, Child Labor Law, About Florida Equal Opportunity Law, Workers’ Compensation and Unemployment Insurance.

On the top left-most part of the Florida Labor Law poster, the employee can read all about the guidelines and other medical benefits if they get injured. Plus, an Anti-Fraud notice is also indicated for employers and employees committing insurance fraud.
Just below, employees can find the Unemployment Compensation section or Unemployment Insurance, where they can read all about the benefits they can get if they become totally or partially unemployed an not the fault of their own. All the guidelines on the said matter can be all found in this section.

Equal Opportunity Law and guidelines against Discrimination are just next to the Unemployment Insurance section. In this section, all issues regarding discrimination are discussed including the rights and equality of every employee regardless of their nationality, skin color, race, religion, sex, age, and political affiliation.

On the upper right-most of the poster, the employees can read all about Child Labor Laws. It states all the guidelines for minor workers, which include their school time schedule, age restrictions, the number of hours they are allowed to work, break times, including the type of work they are only allowed to do.

The Minimum Wage section is where employees get information about the minimum wage on the state of Florida, which is the regular minimum wage of $7.25 per hour, and $4.23 per hour for tipped employees.

Safety posters are also required to be posted in offices and work areas that can be easily read by employees. These posters serve as guidelines and reminders for the safety of employees in their workplaces.

Posters like these not only protect the rights of employees but also the right of employers as guidelines mandated by the law.


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