Monday, May 23, 2011

Know Something about California Labor Law Poster

Labor Law Poster serves as guidelines for both employees and employers. These posters contain the different employment law mandated by the United States government and the State government. They are two labor law posters, the federal labor law poster and the state labor law poster. The first one indicates the basic employment and employers guidelines on employment that is common on all states, while the second one focuses on the specific state’s law regarding employment.

California Labor Law Poster is one of the state posters that have many sections. These sections are Payday Notice, State Disability Insurance, Access to Medical and Exposure Records, Safety Protection, Unemployment Insurance, Minimum Wage, Discrimination Notice, State Disability Insurance, Emergency Phone Number, No Smoking Notice, Whistle Blower Protection Act, Time-off Voting Notice, and Workers’ Compensation.

Minimum Wage covers not only the minimum wage for employees, but also includes guidelines in meal and lodging for the employees. Unemployment compensation talks about the unemployment and disability insurance. This section also tackles PPL or Paid Family Leave.

Time-off to Vote section discussed that an employee should be given an ample time to vote without having deductions on their salaries for the time spent in voting.
The Occupational Safety and Health Act implies what the employers should do in order to have a safe working environment for the employees, and at the same time for the employees’ rights working in a safe and healthy environment. Emergency Information section provides all the necessary information like telephone numbers of concern authorities like fire fighters, police, doctor, etc. incase an emergency occurs. Access to Medical Records is information on where an employee can obtain a copy of their medical record.

Discrimination section not only provides information with regards to employees’ and employers’ discrimination regarding sex, color, nationality, religion, orientation, marital status, etc., but also against harassment. Payday Notice gives information regarding the employees’ payday. Beside this section is the notification for Non-Smoking.

Unemployment Compensation gives information for unemployment insurance benefits. Additional information can be obtained by the given toll free numbers of different languages. Workers’ Compensation discussed about notice on injuries during work hours. It discusses benefits that include medical care, permanent and temporary disability benefits, supplemental job disability benefit, and death benefits (paid to the dependents of the worker).

Whistle Blower Protection Act is a policy of California that encourages employees to notify government authorities if their employer is not complying with a state or a federal law or regulation.

Beside from these State Labor Laws, certain safety precautionary guidelines are also posted, but not only in offices and work areas, but also in public access areas. This Safety Posters serves as reminders for the employees, employers, and the public as well on safety.