Thursday, May 05, 2011

Knowing About the State Labor Laws of Arizona, Texas and New York

Safeguarding the basic rights and guaranteeing the security for the citizen is something that every American state is responsible for. Following this obligation, every state needs to guarantee that the working class that works towards the progress of the state by putting in their labor has its rights duly provided by the hirers. For this reason, it is obligatory on the legislators in all states to introduce a legal framework that safeguard workers’ benefits of employees in every company present in the state. This legal framework is not only compulsory to be followed by the company owners but is also necessary to be displayed at designated sites as prescribed legally.

For this reason, labor law posters are considered to be one of the most important prerequisites for any organization. How these posters are implemented can be seen through the example of the labor laws prevalent in the states of Arizona, Texas and New York.

The Arizona Labor Law Posters
Essentially following the same route as the federal labor the posters, the Arizona labor law posters have to compulsorily mention the these rules:
• Compensate employees in any situation where they suffer losses or injuries because of their job requirement.
• Giving a guaranteed sum if the employees are laid off.
• Providing a list of hazardous substances that might pose a threat to the employees’ health.
• No tolerance to be shown towards any discrimination between the workers whether while hiring them or during their tenure.

The Texas Labor Law Posters

Much like the Arizona labor law posters, the Texas labor law posters focus mainly on the employers’ role in protecting the rights of their employees. According to them, the employers should:

• Not mistreat or exploit any worker.
• Regard every existing and future employee as equal, without discriminating on the basis of racial, religious or gender-based differences.
• Cover employees should any need of medical attention arise in light of a work-related accident.

The New York Labor Law Posters

In the same vein as the Arizona and Texas labor law posters, the New York labor law posters make it compulsory for the employers to shed light on these matters:
- Issues arising due to the protection of a worker.
- Guaranteeing equal opportunity to be selected as employees without basing the decision on which racial or ethnic background they belong to. Moreover, no discrimination should be made on the basis of the gender.
- The minimum pay amount should be disclosed so that the pays of the employees can be determined accordingly.
- Off days for health related problems as well as vacations.
- Company stance on hiring the employees back.
No matter whether one considers the Arizona, Texas or New York labor law posters, it is but obvious that they are meant to make employees aware of benefits they deserve as workers.

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