Monday, May 30, 2011

Federal Labor Law Posters

Labor laws are laws to protect the welfare of employees. In the United States, labor laws are divided into two divisions, the federal labor law and the state labor law. Each of these labor laws have corresponding posters that are meant and mandated to be displayed on areas that can be seen and read easily by the employees, such as lobbies, cafeteria, corridors, and other conspicuous locations. Labor law poster is not only intended for the employees, but also serves as guidelines for employers about labor laws.
State labor law posters are posters that carry the employment laws on that specific state only. Like for instance in some state where smoking is highly prohibited on working places, the No Smoking Notice is displayed on their posters, while in some state it is not. In some state where there is a great number of Latinos living; notices are also printed out in Spanish.

On the other hand, federal labor law poster is poster that governs all state, basically having the fundamental labor laws on print. These federal labor laws are Equal Employment Opportunity, Payday Notice, Anti-Discrimination Notice, Federal Minimum Wage, IRS Withholding Notice, Family and Medical Leave Act, Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act, Employee Polygraph Protection Act, and Job Safety and Health Protection.

Federal Minimum Wage section discusses the minimum wage of an employee. It also covers overtime pay, tip credit, and child labor law.

The Notice on Polygraph Protection Act states that an employer is prohibited from requiring employees and job applicants to undergo polygraph testing. However there are exemptions on federal and state and local governments.

The Job Safety and Health Law is all about the right of every employee to report about workplace hazards. Employers do also have the right to request for an inspection if they believe that their working area is unsafe and hazardous to their health.

Equal Employment Opportunity Notice states that employees as well as job applicants are protected against any part of discrimination, where it may to be by the color of their skin, race, religious affiliation, and gender.

The Uniformed Service Employment and Reemployment Act discusses about the right of an employee to be reemployed after leaving his or her civilian job in order to undertake military services.

Family and Medical Leave Act are all about the use of leave of an employee, whether it may be a family or medical matters.

Payday Notice states the scheduling of the employees payday, whether it may be weekly, monthly or semi-monthly. Beside this section is the section on IRS Notice.

Federal and State law posters are all mandated by law to be displayed in all businesses and offices. Safety Posters are also needed by every establishment to warn and let the employees, employers, and the public as well, to be guided accordingly when it comes to safety. Safety posters are not only seen in working areas or establishments, but they are also seen in public places.

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