Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ohio, FL And Colorado Labor Laws

Ohio labor law posters have undergone a recent update and it's best to be fully informed of these updates if you are a resident of the state. The state of Ohio has gone beyond the federal regulations and has increased their minimum wage in 2011 to from $7.30 an hour to $7.40 an hour for employees who do not receive tips and has increased wages to $3.70 an hour for employees who do receive tips on top of their base pay. Also, Ohio labor laws do not detail any specific requirement for vacation pay at all, much less paying employees for their vacations. This is due to the fact that barring any specific labor laws on the state level, federal law will always prevail and federal labor laws often have fewer benefits for employees outside of the basic needs and regulations.

A Florida labor law poster will contain various state safety regulations, as well as details on the federal overtime salary laws. Florida is one of the states that do not have a specific or over-riding overtime law, so the Federal law prevails and gives the basics. All employees working over 40 hours in a single work-week are entitled to overtime wages. These wages are usually One and a Half times their usual rate of pay. Some employees are exempt from this law and so do not get overtime wages no matter how many hours their employer requires them to work in a week. These exempt employees are known as salaried employees, and are paid a higher base rate of pay weekly, making overtime pay unnecessary due to having a high enough base rate of pay to cover the employees extra time.

A Colorado labor poster will be showing a similar increase to minimum wage in 2011 as Ohio has experienced this year, rising from $7.24 an hour to $7.36 an hour, adjusting for inflation in the state economy. That rate applies to employees whom are not receiving tips, with the rate for tipped employees also rising from $4.22 an hour to $4.34 an hour, a twelve cent increase over the previous year. As with other states, if the tipped employees wages do not reach $7.36 an hour with tips included in the total than an employers is still requires to make up the difference to meet the minimum rage requirements for the state of Colorado.

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