Wednesday, May 25, 2011

California labor law posters hitting the town with a bang by using federal labor law posters

California labor law posters are hitting each and every town in the state of California with a big bang by posting up federal labor law poster with a accompanied package of safety posters.

The reason why the country has enforced the state of California to post up labor law posters that are accompanied with safety posters is to ensure that the beautiful men and women in that live in California abide by the rules that are set within not only the state but also in the whole country. Child labor has been a big issue not only within the United States of America but also within the entire world; child labor has been a big issue within the whole entire world because people would rather have their child work rather than them working.

The law of child labor in the state of California started when the local residents found out there are fresh fish within the ocean, the local parents would send their children out to work in the fish ponds and the ports. When safety became in issue with work so did the safety posters. When people read safety signs they do not realize how important it really is, having signs that say “no swimming here” can make a big difference between someone’s life. When California posted up these labor laws many families went broke because their children would not be able to carry out the family job, when these happened children that had enough blessings were able to go to a public school and learn. Education became a very popular trend towards children in the earlier days because if you were educated before you would be able to learn more skills. Many schools before would offer fishing lessons, hunting lessons, and cooking lessons, all for which would cost less than an American dollar! Pretty cheap for some real education. Education then evolved into a more formal point of view by offering children how to be literate and how to work with numbers and not just pure hands on.

When time had come and technology had developed children would meet in a facility to learn formal education, formal education when it developed with technology took about two to five years before graduation. Now in modern day society children cannot work in whatever field they want unless they have had proper training and education on the desired position he or she is applying for.


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