Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Do Labor Law Poster Is Needed

At a certain period in our life, we will have to work. The period for maturity is usually associated with work. When a person is already working, people start to perceive him or her as a productive one. We all know that a person working has and must have employment rights. He or she must have a fully understanding of it and must have access to the information about his or her employment. However, it is not always the case or scenario. Many workers especially from the still developing countries do not have any idea or knowledge about their employment rights. And that is very alarming.

Due to such circumstance, a labor law poster was implemented for the workers. It aims to help every employee in their employment and labor matters. It is required for every company to comply on this law. If a company failed to do so, the company must face the penalties and other liabilities that go along with their actions. The employees can also sue their employer for not doing so.

It is important to know that not all employers are required to show all posters. Because of the different backgrounds and purpose of every company, the posters they must show can depend on their type of business. That is why not all posters are alike. Each poster contains specific information which must be plain view of the employees. Generally, all posters must be maintained.

Both the state labor law posters and federal labor law posters aims to give knowledge or information about employment rights. The posters are made to ensure that employees know and understand their labor rights most especially regarding to their salary, safety, and discrimination.

The topics which must be covered both in the state labor law posters and federal labor law posters are the following:

• Family and Medical Leave
• Employee Disabilities Rights
• Minimum Wage
• Fair Labor Standards Act
• Equal Employment Opportunity
• Federal Contractors
• Polygraph Protection
• Veteran Rights
• Job Safety and Health

Having knowledge about employment and labor rights will undeniably change your attitude towards work. It will definitely give a boost in your morale if you know your rights as a worker and you are being protected by your state and the federal.

It is not bad to ask for your labor rights. However, it is important to know the proper time, proper place and proper reason. Because just like you, your employers also work.

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