Monday, July 04, 2011

Texas State Labor Law and Safety Poster

Labor laws are laws in the United States that protects the interest of employees. It does not only protect the interest of employees but rather employers as well. Employers and employees are needed to be reminded of these labor laws somehow, that is why they are printed out, distributed freely; some are paid, in poster form. These posters are now what are called as Labor Law Posters.

Labor Law Posters are posters containing labor laws for the entire United States and for specific states only. Thus they are divided into two divisions, Federal Labor law poster and the other one is the State Labor law poster. The first poster being used for the whole U.S. and the latter one is for specific states only. The reason for state labor law poster being specific from one state to another is that each state has their own some set of labor laws that are not applicable to some or another state. There are somehow similarities on some state labor laws that are present and visible to all state labor law posters. Labor law posters, whether it is a Federal or a State poster, should be displayed by establishments, companies and offices at all times in areas which are then accessible or visible, and readable to all employees and employers as well. Such of these places are near drinking fountains, eating and snack areas, corridors, remote work areas, and the like.

As a sample of one State Labor law poster is the one in Texas, what is known as the Texas Labor Law posters. This poster contains all the state labor laws they have focusing on the state of Texas alone, whereas if you move or got employed in a different state then another state labor law poster is what will be seen in establishments and work areas. Going back in the labor law poster of Texas, they have a notice on employees’ compensation, which is primarily composed of place and date where the employees can avail of their pay or salary. Now, this is an example of a posted notice that is similar to other labor law posters in the U.S. Another example of similarity posting on a state labor poster is the act on anti-discrimination, which again, can be found in all state labor law posters.

A safety poster on the other hand is somewhat different and similar to a labor law poster. As an example of similarity, they are mandated by the government to be posted for the welfare of the citizen, but, they are not only posted only in work areas that give concern on workers, but on public places as notices and safety reminders for the general public.

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