Monday, July 18, 2011

Enjoy Safer Life with Safety Posters

Each and every time you walk across a construction site, you can see many posters with the phrases like "workplace health and safety". When reading this phrase, we all understand that we need to pay great attention to our safety while being at work. In fact, displaying a current State and Federal Labor Law posters is a must for every employer who owns more than 2 employees. It is also required by the labor law poster that the poster can be seen by all the employees.

Some people suppose that people only need safety posters at the workplace or business premises because those places contain the most potential risks to our safety. That is true to some extent; however, we need to prevent risks from our daily life as well. For example, just imagine that you allowed a group of your daughter's friends to hold a small dinner at your home while you are away; but unfortunately one of them hurt her finger while cooking and it was bleeding but they didn't know what to do. In this case, a small safety poster in the kitchen would be very helpful for them. In fact, when you allow other people to use your areas such as a swimming pool or gym, you will have the duty to care for these users' safety.

I will not suggest you plaster safety posters up all the walls of your home; but there are some essential areas you really need the presence of them. One important place to plaster up the poster is your swimming pool. Here you can put the CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) poster, which guides people who are at your swimming pool to administer the emergency first aid procedure if any of them has gone into cardiac arrest.

As mentioned in the above example, one more place that requires safety poster is your kitchen. Kitchen is the place that contains many potential risks, especially for the kids. Knowing how to handle with each specific problem will help to minimize the bad consequences. Some of the necessary posters can be: food safety, avoidance of cuts and burns, slips and falls prevention posters, etc.

Once again, you do not need to plaster all of the posters around your home. You can select some posters that you think they will be helpful if there are any emergency cases. To select the posters, you will need to consider about some conditions such as your children's age or some of your family members' diseases. For example, if your kid is small and naughty, you may need an Electric Shock Treatment Guide or a Child resuscitation guide.

In the past, there were lots of "shocking posters" made to strongly warn people about their safety; but over the years, these posters have been made to be more informative and less of the shock tactics. People nowadays prefer to use creative posters instead of shocking ones to get what they want to say across and in fact, these creative posters have done their jobs quite well. It is needed that you realize the importance of these posters and start finding some that suit your needs.

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