Friday, July 29, 2011

Safety Posters - Where to Put Them Up?

Nowadays we all know that safety posters are useful and can bring great benefits to both the employers and the employees. You are considered to be a responsible employer if you follow the labor law poster and you can make all your employees read and understand the precautionary as well as safety procedures in your workplace. By doing so, you can raise the safety awareness of your employees and create a risk-free working environment, which can minimize the possibilities of potential risks and hazardous situations. Employees still need these posters as the guidelines to show them steps to do in critical situations.

When it comes to safety posters, an employer will have to consider about which posters to choose and where to put them up. These two factors will determine whether a poster is effective or not. A poster with nice content will bring less effectiveness if it is located in the wrong place. For example, at a petrol station, the owner puts the "no smoking" sign too high on the wall for customers to see, then that poster is considered to be useless. In fact, if you are the employer, you will need to identify which areas in your workplace would be most visible to all employees and then put up the posters there. Most employers will choose the highest risk areas to plaster safety posters so that the possibilities of dangerous situations will be narrowed. In this article, we are discussing about which locations are considered to be "high risk areas" so that you will have some ideas of where to put up the posters.

Each type of business will have specific locations that are suitable for putting up posters. At the toilet of a hospital, safety posters need to be put near the wash basin so that the doctors, nurses, patients as well as other people are always reminded to wash their hands with soap for the hygiene purposes. If all people read this poster and comply with what is written on it, then germs and bacteria will not have any chance to spread around the hospital. This poster in the toilet is becoming more and more important as there have been many kinds of infectious diseases nowadays. Like the toilets in hospitals, other public toilets will need this poster as well.

The second location in a workplace that requires great attention from the owner is the room used to keep hazardous chemicals. In this place, safety posters are needed to guide employees to handle the chemicals properly remind as well as steps to solve an unexpected situation. In this room, posters like "protective eye wear must be worn" are required to let employees know the best ways to maintain their health and safety while working in the room. Before letting them work in the room, it is advisable that employers give them some time to read and make sure they understand all the instructions as well as warning plastered up on the walls. According to the State and Federal labor law poster requirements, you will need to use another language if there are any of your employees do not understand English. So if you are an employer, make sure that all your employees can read and comprehend the posters.

One more location in workplace that also needs safety posters is the stairwells. There have been many accidents happened just because the cleaning and maintenance crew do not leave any warning sign for employees after mopping the stairwells. This is dangerous because the stairwells are slippery and can lead to accidents if one does not pay attention. Therefore, after cleaning, it is necessary to put up safety poster to warn people about the situation of the stairwells so that unexpected accidents can be avoided. Like the staircases, other particular locations in the workplace will need this precautionary method as well.

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