Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Safety Posters and its needs

There are labor law posters that govern and protect the interest of both bosses and workers in the US. These laws are called the labor laws. These laws have two precautions, the federal labor law and the state labor law. These laws should be posted on conspicuous places for both the workers and bosses in order for them to see and read all the time, as a means of reminder to them. This material is what is called a labor poster. Labor law posters are divided into two, which are the federal labor law posters and the state labor law posters.

From these labor law posters, another public Act system should also be posted on working areas for the workers and the bosses, this is the OSHA Safety Posters. If labor law posters are covered for the main concern of laws made for protecting the rights of every worker and bosses, safety posters then are for the safety and healthy working environment for both workers and bosses as well.

On an OSHA safety poster, there are memorandums given for both the workers and bosses of a certain business, workplace, or office. For workers, it states that they should comply with all occupational health and safety standards issued under the labor Act that applies to their own actions and conduct on the job. That the bosses has the rights to the copies of the workers’ medical records, including a record if the worker have been covered to hazardous or toxic chemical or substance. That the bosses must fix any workplace dangers by the schedule indicated on the citation and must certify that such dangers have been reduced or covered. The worker also has the right to see the OSHA citations issued to their bosses. The worker also has the right to notify their bosses or the OSHA about workplace dangers and can also request secrecy from OSHA of their name if they wished to. Workers also have the right to request for an inoculation if they believe that there are unhealthy and unsafe conditions in their workplace. They can also file complaint within thirty days for discrimination or retaliation made by their bosses to them for making safety and health complaints under the Employee Act. And lastly, the bosses should post this notice in all work areas.

As for the bosses, they should furnish their workers a place of employment free from any type of recognized and all sorts of dangers, and that they must comply to the occupational health and safety standards issued under the law.

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