Sunday, July 03, 2011

Texas labor law posters together with the federal labor law posters

Texas is one of the most inhabited states in the USA. There are lots of illegal immigrants flocking in this state to find job opportunities for a living. There are people who dream to go into this place to mingle with the Americans. Lots of these people are Mexicans who are called boarder hoppers because they illegally cross over the boarder lines to save money or spend less. This is the reason why the American employers execute discrimination acts to their workers. They often give lower minimum wage rates to the people who are not a natural citizen of the state. In some point, the laws that regulate within the state still protect the people and give respect to those who work in the state.

Most of the time safety posters still consider the welfare of the people inside the state. These safety posters are very accurate in posting laws and other notices that will be used in standardizing the different sectors that provide jobs to people. Safety posters also provide notices about discrimination acts, transgender, races, and age of the workers who are employed or will be employed. More and more laws are being created to abolish old laws that are no longer effective. Texas labor law posters set standards that provide rights and protection to the workers of the state. They include the rights of all people working within the public and private companies. Texas labor law posters provide updated notices regarding the increase or decrease in hourly rate in order to make the workers more conscious about their salaries.

On the other hand, the federal labor law posters minimize the rights of the people who are not under the federal government. The federal laws still guard the rights and safety of the people but they are trying to limit them to make the people or workers abide with the laws. If they would not be limiting the worker’s rights, these workers might become abusive and will feel dominant over the other lower workers. This is the reason why labor laws should be revised and up to date regularly to make the work area peaceful and avoid the workers from retaliating to the government or private sectors. Most workers in Texas retaliate if they did not get the rights payment or benefits after rendering full services to their employer. To accommodate this issue, the federal laws enact labor laws.


George E. Bourguignon, Jr. Attorney at Law said...

It would be great to know when and where the posters are required to be posted. Is "transgender" really one of them? That would surprise me, from the state that outlawed the practice.

George E. Bourguignon, Jr. Attorney at Law said...

. . . . as was in dispute in Lawrence v. Texas.