Thursday, December 08, 2011

Be safe and know your rights, read the safety posters

It sure cannot be denied that despite the easy access to information these days, there are still a lot of workers who do not know their rights, right? This is the reason why unfair labor practices are still happening unchecked.
Low wages but long hours; no safety measures for workers and no compensation once injured on the job; what’s worse, workers could get fired for no apparent reason? Apparently, there are a lot of crooked businessmen who still get away with this, all because an employee lacks information about labor laws.
Mandatory Labor Law Posters
It is a good thing that there are people in the government who have taken action against these unfair acts. Now all private businesses all over the country are obliged by law to put up and clearly display labor law posters as supervised and approved by the United States Department of Labor, with a Workforce Commission for each state tasked to regulate the posters.
No matter how small the business is, for as long as they have someone working for them, they should put up labor law and safety posters. Labor law is employees’ protector against injustice, and if an employee knows his rights the occurrence of unfair labor treatment and hazardous working environment, if not totally stopped, will at least lessen.
Texas labor law posters
There are two kinds of labor law posters, the Federal and the State Labor Law poster. The Federal poster will tell you about the guidelines as mandated by the government while the State labor law posters are directives of the specific state. Each state has to take their own form based and has their own material or guidelines.
In Texas, one of the most important Labor Law posters is about the Discrimination Law. Written in English and Spanish, the poster will inform you that it is illegal to deny equal employment opportunities. This covers hiring an employee, getting a promotion, discharge, salary and other benefits awarded to an employee.
Arizona labor posters
For those who are in Arizona, one of the most noted labor law practices that you should know is about biases. An employer is not allowed to base his hiring on age, sex, origin or religion. There are hiring questions that are not allowed to ask because these questions would give the bias when deciding to hire.
It is beneficial for both parties the employers and employees, that they know their rights and limitations. For the employees, it is for their protection while for the employers it is to have a better working environment for their business. Remember if you want your business to be successful, take care of the people who are working for your first.

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