Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Safety posters, why is it needed?

There may be some businessmen who think that their working environment is relatively safe so there really is no need for a safety poster, right? Wrong. Safety posters mean exactly what it says, for safety. Every employee for every type of business, no matter how small the business is, has the right to be safe while at work at all times.

Meanwhile, for those jobs that have some level of risk to it, they should always use complete safety gear that is up to the standards of quality. If an employer fails to follow this, then the government has the right to shut his business down until he can comply with all the safety and quality standards based on law.

Labor and safety posters

Each state has their own specific guidelines about labor practices this is aside from the Federal guidelines issued by the government. The State labor posters will talk about hiring, compensations and benefits of an employee specific to the people of that state. For example, in Texas labor law posters are required to have the following:

· Bilingual Discrimination Notice – this will talk about having the equal opportunity in work.
· Child Labor Law – this will specify what types of jobs a minor, or those who are under 18 years old, can have. This will also specify their number of working hours in a day.

On the other hand, if you are from Arizona, the labor posters will show the following:

· Guidelines against sexually harassing gestures and comments
· Guidelines against biases in hiring and in asking questions that will potentially give the bias when deciding to hire or not.
· Guidelines about terminating employees’ contract. An example of this has to leave work because of an ailment, claiming for his benefits or refusing to break the law.

It is a Federal rule. However, that aside from labor posters, businesses should also put up safety posters. In fact, these safety posters are displayed not just on business establishments but in all public places as well.

Know your rights, read the posters.

Those are just a number of guidelines that Arizona labor posters and all other labor posters from different states will show. It is important that every employee be protected from the unfair labor practices and one way to do this is to make sure that the employee is well informed.

On the other hand, an employer should also know what is expected of him so that he can take better care of the people who are running his business. This is to remind the employer to respect his workers and treat them well because they are people, not a commodity.

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