Thursday, December 22, 2011

New York Labor Law Posters Listings and Pricing

The New York law states that posters should be displayed at a conspicuous place in any working area where other notifications and employer rights, rules and policies are posted. This is to make it easy for the employer and employees to read and adhere to the poster’s stipulations. The law posters are mostly downloaded from the internet but others prefer purchasing them from various companies that produce and sell New York labor law posters.

Federal subcontractors and contractors in New York are required by the law to inform and educate their employees of their rights. These rights include to bargain, to organize and to engage in protective activity within the workplace. In addition, the notice explains, by giving examples, of illegal conducts by unions and employers. It provides contact information to the agency responsible for enforcing the labor laws where one can report any time.

Some of the posters and their pricing that are under the New York law listing includes:Davis-Bacon posters – just like the Ohio labor law posters, this are mostly concerned with contracts that exceed $2,000 for the actual public building construction or repair. It is financed wholly or partly from the federal funds and guarantees. However, it remains a subject to the provisions of labor standards. The Federal contract that covers the Davis-Bacon act compliance costs$12.95.5Walsh-Healey service contract's poster – all employers performing work under this safety posters act, are required to post compensation,n including service contracts and any additional applicable wage. It is stated that it should be prominent and accessible by all employees performing the contract at the workplace. The pricing rate for this act is also $12.95.

Minor labor law poster – this is required when minors, those below 18 years, are employed. According to the New York state department of labor, all employers are required to make the minors’ schedule and post it on a conspicuous area. It should show the time the minors start and finish their work and also show the time allocated for meals. However, it is flexible in that the time allocated can be changed, but it has to be changed on the posters too. The minors are only allowed to work during the day. It is a violation of the law if they are found working outside the allotted time. One can get a laminated copy at $7.95 and a non laminated poster at $5.95.

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