Thursday, December 15, 2011

Colorado Labor Poster Compared To Florida Labor Law Poster

If you are currently looking for employees for your business, then you need to proofread and fully understand the rules and regulations between each civic and its labor laws. The information you might find on a Florida labor poster might differ from that one found on a Colorado labor poster. Safety posters are required to prevent getting into problems with the state in case of reported occurrences.

Florida labor law poster law has a number of requirements, which include anti-fraud notices, child labor laws, minimum wages, workers compensation, discrimination and unemployment insurance. In Colorado labor posters, requirements differ from a little in that they have been inclusive in them fair employment and penalty for noncompliance besides minimum wages, workers compensation and unemployment insurance.

On issues of wages, initially Colorado minimum wage was $7.28 per hour and $4.26 per hour for those who were given working tips. However, early this year, its minimum wage was reduced to $7.24 for hourly employees and $4.22 to those workers who received tips. On the other side, the minimum wage for Florida still remains the same at $7.25 an hour and $4.23 for those employees given tips.

In regard to the definitive pay laws, the Colorado Labor poster requires an employer to provide the last pay check to an employee who has finished his/her services at the conclusion of a financial year. However, this is different regulation in the Florida labor poster. In case there was the termination of an employee’s services after the financial report was issued, the state requires that after six months or in the next financial year, the employee be provided the last pay check. So the safety posters in these two states differ in terms of this law.

The labor poster may vary in different companies due to population density and environmental conditions. In Florida and Colorado law, a poster shows that the workers have rights. If you fail to follow the mandated law, you must undergo punishment. In addition, in both Florida and Colorado, the safety posters must be kept in an accessible area where they can be easily read by all employees. These posters work as guidelines and reminders for the protection of employees in their workstations.

So it is very important for you to know the things listed in these posters so that if interested to work in one of the states, you’ll be aware of what to expect and what your rights are.

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George E. Bourguignon, Jr. Attorney at Law said...

What about a small office? Where does the poster have to be displayed? What if there is no break room and customers will have to see the ugly thing?

George E. Bourguignon, Jr. Attorney at Law said...

Well maybe it is not ugly, but it certainly is not something anyone would want to be prominently displayed for customers.