Thursday, December 29, 2011

How to Acquire a Florida Labor Law Poster

Occupational Safety and Health administration (OSHA) in USA demands every business with employees has labor posters. They need to include employee rights and duties as well as their minimum wage. They also need to have safety posters to ensure employees are covered for health and are aware of family and medical leave laws. Every state has its own requirements that need to be posted alongside federal law. Florida, being a state in the US, has its own set of requirements that its residents have to comply with. In order to obtain a Florida labor law poster one needs to follow certain steps as illustrated below.

· Firstly, you have to figure out which safety posters your business requires to hang. Different businesses have different laws governing them. Not only do the wages differ but the working hours too. To obtain the right Florida labor poster, consider getting relevant information from the department of labor. You can either call them through their hotline numbers or visit their website.
· Secondly, you need to email your information stating what you require to the department of labor. This includes your business, payment schemes, mailing address as well as another contact information. This will not only enable them assign you the proper poster. It will also aid in speeding the process.
· You need to follow the instructions on how to buy the labor law poster. Normally, you can buy the labor poster online or pick it directly from their offices. Some sites even sell the Florida labor posters while laminated so that they can serve you longer. Get the right information and then buy the labor poster.
· Finally, hang the Florida labor poster at your business place but ensure it’s conspicuous to all employees. This is a very important requirement. Your employees should be able to see the poster every day.

Unlike the Colorado labor poster, the Florida labor law poster has an extra requirement. You need to include the Spanish language in your poster. However, this will only be if your business has more than 10% Spanish employees.

Consider acquiring a Florida labor law poster if you have a business with more than one employee. Failure to comply will see you get a fine of up to $ 17000. Nowadays, employees in Florida can confirm their payments, working hours among other things straight from their smartphones. You should therefore avoid violating their rights as this can lead to you being taken to court.

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