Thursday, December 08, 2011

New York labor law poster: useful tips

Do you know that you can upgrade your business very easily? One of the noblest ways to do this is through posting some friendly requirements for the wellbeing of your employees. These requirements no doubt ensure your business success. Some of the good places where you can post them include; lunch room, office, time clocks, information box, break room, meeting room, exit room, etc. keep in mind that New York labor law poster abides by all the standing rules and regulations guiding the federal labor law posters. Additionally, it has some basic similarities and differences with Ohio labor law poster.
The present minimum wage in New York is $7.25 per hour. It is the duty of everyone in this city to at least earn this minimum rate. There are very little exceptions for farmers, youths and workers who earn tips. Normally, a full-time job is about 40 hours per a week. According to the law, if you work more than 40 hours per a week, you will be entitled to some benefits and extra payments. This minimum wage applies to all workers within New York. You can be paid weekly, monthly, hourly, and the payment can be either by check or through cash. For those working in the hospitality firms who earn as little as $2.25 per hour on tips, might receive at least $5 minimum wage per hour.
There are group of people that are not part of this law for instance; independent contractors and those that are gainfully self-employed. This law doesn’t recognize them as ‘employees’. More so, other exceptions to the minimum wage requirements involve; professionals, administrators and executives that earns more than $543.75 per week, outside salespersons, part-time babysitters, taxicab drivers, members and ministers of religious organizations, learners, volunteers, students and apprentices working in non-profit organizations and corporations, those obtaining vocational experiences. These people are the major exclusions. So if you are working in the city of New York, you have nothing to fear. Already, there are powerful laws that will guide you. Your employer shouldn’t take an undue advantage of you again. If you are not comfortable with some his\her harsh principles, there is no need to fear or fight, all you will do is to launch your complaints to the ever willing York employment lawyers who will give you all the necessary assistance you need to enjoy your freedom.

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