Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New York Labor Law Posters That Every Business Should Have

Labor law posters are documents placed strategically on the premises for workers, detailing the dos and don’ts between an employee and an employer. The American government and various states have put in place laws that every employer must adhere to, to protect workers. The city of New York, in collaboration with the federal government, has put in place the following safety posters.

Employment for children under the age of 18 years - This law sets the number of hours that a minor should work, in New York. It shows the maximum pay and the title of the work done. These safety posters make it mandatory for minors to give work certificates to the employer.

The New York labor law posters give everyone the right to information. Every worker can access information or news concerning work regulations and other terms and conditions. Any new information too pertaining to the work can be easily accessed.

Salary cap - New York labor law posters give employees the minimum salary entitled for pay. The minimum per hour is set at 7.25 dollars, but revision is always done now and then.

Business registrations - The New York labor law posters require every business be registered using the necessary documents. This can be licenses, contracts and employment certificates. The same applies to employers who must have registration certificates to show their working order.

Workers in New York are entitled to protection and to good health. This is laid down in the safety posters where employers must provide a safe working environment for all. This can include safety clothing and insurance against any accidents.

Discrimination at the workplace is another labor law poster that every business should have. The New York labor posters protect employees from any form of discrimination. This can be in the form of gender, race and religion. Heavy penalties from authorities are given to employers who allow any form of discrimination in workstations.

Just like New York labor law posters, Ohio labor law posters require an employer to avail the posters in a public place detailing the worker's rights. Those employers failing to show they are faced with a heavy fine.

There are various specialist companies that offer printing and design services for all kinds of safety posters across the US, at fair prices. They can be in different languages depending on a company’s requirements. They should be well placed in open to be easily viewed by employees.

You can find more information of labor law in, and will provide you the state, federal & OSHA labor law compliance information and services.

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