Tuesday, July 03, 2012

California: Displaying Labor Rights

Labor law posters have become a mandatory item to be shown publicly in the workplace of a company. These posters specify the rights of workers, and they seek to educate employees upon the authorities and the perks guaranteed to employees as workers of a particular company.

Any organization that hires workers, whether the organization is a firm, a sole trader, a partnership, a multinational or even a franchise, is required to display labor law posters. Federal labor law posters not only educate workers on their rights, but also seek to explain mandatory benefits and minimum wage to workers. If the company does not follow anything mentioned on the labor law poster correctly, the worker can attend labor court to fight for its amendment, and ultimately the perks will be awarded to him and his fellow workers. In the state of California, labor law posters are of great importance. California labor law posters have eight basic pointers to be included on the posters under any circumstance.

The first notice to be included on California labor law posters is the California minimum wage notice, which educates workers on the wage they are bound to receive. The second notice is the payday notice. This notice is now in demand, as workers are constantly concerned as to when they will receive their pay. To provide a company with some freedom, the company can allot a time frame for the payday rather than giving a provision of just one day. The purpose of a payday time frame is to relax the company’s financial sector, so during times of liquidity issues, workers will still receive their pay in a timely manner. The third notice is  the emergency number posters that list numbers such as 911 to be called in case of mishaps in a company, as well as the safety health and protection poster, which notifies the workers of his/her health status and the provision for his/her health by the company.

Other posters that must be displayed under accordance with the law of California include the pregnancy leave for women. Pregnancy leave is to be paid for by the company and will guarantee the woman does not lose her job during her time of absence. Additionally, other posters include time off notices and unemployment insurance benefits, which all employees are entitled to.

Not only do these notices result in a positive working environment for workers, but also serve as a protection policy.

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