Monday, July 02, 2012

Clauses: New York Labor Law Poster

All businesses are required to post labor Safety posters in the working place of a company or at a place which is frequently visited by the employees during their working hours. The posting of these labor posters is under the amendment of the state of New York, and failure to display these posters can result in hefty fines and a negative image for a company.

If a certain percentage of workers are non-native English speakers, for example Spanish or French, it is also recommended to issue posters in bilingual terms. In the case of non-native English speakers, the company should displayed posters in English as well as the languages spoken by employees, so as to provided the employees a clear view of the perks they are bound to receive as the workers of a certain company. New York labor law posters are bound by the state to include clauses such as minimum wage information, laws against discrimination, child labor laws, time off for voting, fringe benefits, deduction from wage appropriation, social danger, awareness signs like no smoking, and the New York Correction Law Article 23-A.

If the firm wishes to avoid pressure exerted by trade unions, the firm must display posters following the pointers mentioned previously, as well as ensuring the continuous updating of all posters. Trade unions are in high power especially in New York and have proven to reign successful in the past. As a result, companies must be particularly careful if they do not want to end up in labor court or face hefty fines.

Another key factor to be noted is the offerings a company provides for its employees. For example if you are an employee, you must know your entitlements. For the reason of promoting awareness for employee entitlements, labor law posters are of great importance. An employee must receive a day off to vote and cannot be held accountable if he does not attend work on the voting day. Pregnancy leaves are also quite significant. For example, a woman is entitled to receive her pay when she is absent during pregnancy, even if the absence occurs before the third trimester. Additionally, a company must ensure that when the woman returns from maternity leave, she will regain her position and will not be left unemployed after the delivery of her child.

As a result, labor law posters have increased in importance for companies in the United States.

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