Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Showing a Different Trend: The California Labor Law Posters

California, for workers and employees, is the working paradise of the country, so it is of utmost importance for the people flocking towards California to fulfil their obligations within the workplace. The knowledge about the workplace is generally derived from the posters delivered by their hiring agency or their contractors. The governing department in charge of labor and industrial relations usually publishes the California labor law posters. The agencies and the governing bodies have made knowledge easy for workers, as labor law posters are displayed within common areas of the workplace containing information in relation to wages, working hours, and employment opportunities.

California labor law posters cover a wide array of laws and related information. The industrial welfare commission posters, which showcase the regulatory wages, hours and working conditions, are outnumbered by the industry or employer’s group. The employers’ payday posters specify the regular paydays and the location of payment. Safety and health posters are related to the protection parameters on the job location and contain important information regarding safety rules and regulations. Workers’ compensation posters show information regarding workers’ compensation, carrier, coverage, insurance and health benefits.

Though there are many similarities between California and other states' labor law posters, the California posters have somewhat extended themselves with added laws. These labor laws were incorporated by the California authorities. Some differentiations are easy to find when compared with federal labor law posters. On the employer responsibility posters, the Federal labor law posters show that employers should encourage their employees to educate themselves against harassment and discrimination at the workplace. On the same front, California labor posters add an extensive study with updated classes every two years. More astonishing differences can be found in the vicinity of protection against discrimination. The federal poster discusses that all employees of the nation must be protected from discrimination based on race, religion, gender, age, medical conditions, mental and physical disabilities, pregnancy, and related medical conditions. The California labor posters, however, show added information on sexual assimilation and being a transgender. These protected categories are unique to California labor law posters. Thus, before creating or publishing any California labor law posters, it is advisable to judge the running scenarios. It is critical for employers to recognize their employment and potential liabilities under both state and federal laws, which also hampers the lives of the workers at the workplace.

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