Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Important Facts To Know About Arizona Labor Poster

The Arizona labor poster is quite unique in their demand from employers of labor within the state. The issue of minimum wage is a law that must be present in the labor posting of Arizona State. The minimum wage law emphasizes the need for all employees within the state of Arizona to inform their workers about the minimum wage of the employees, as well as the guideline for the minimum wage.
The employers are also required by law to educate their employees, through the labor poster, on the means of lodging their complaints when their right to minimum wage is infringed. Information such as leave pay and overtime pay should also be included in the Federal labor law posters.

There should also be a provision for compensation of workers. The Arizona labor law is quite explicit in the Arizona workers compensation act.  Every firm is required to use the labor poster to inform employees on their right to compensation as well as the conditions for the compensation. The protection of employees from toxic chemicals is also required to be displayed on the labor poster.

Employees should also be educated on their right to safety and how they can lodge a complaint if such right is infringed. Even employees’ right to make claims in case of any injury, resulting from performing their duty, should be clearly stated in labor poster by the employers.

The issue of discrimination is another issue that is contained in the Arizona labor law to ensure that nobody is discriminated against when it comes to job security. The company should also make their position on labor discrimination very clear in the labor poster. The state of Arizona is very clear on labor discrimination. Any employer of labor can receive a severe sanction from the state government, which might even include the withdrawal of the company’s license. When it comes to the issues of hiring and firing, no worker should experience any form of discrimination.

Also contained in the Arizona labor law, and even in the federal labor law posters, is the barring of workers from smoking. In fact, it is a serious offence for workers to be caught smoking at their workplace. Any employee found smoking on duty, or even within the work environment will pay a price. The penalties for smoking within the work environment can be found on the labor law poster.

The facts mentioned throughout the article emphasize the uniqueness of the Arizona labor poster.

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